12 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Paula Thiel

Posted on March 15 2019

12 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Nothing in the world of fashion is more versatile and timeless as the scarf.  No joke, I still have my silk scarves from the 90s that I regularly turn to.  

But how do you tie them so they actually look chic and like you know what you are doing?  

I’m gonna tell ya right now!

OK but before you watch the vid, there are a couple of things you NEED TO KNOW…..


  1. You need a good scarf. 

A good scarf is not defined by how much it costs!

It’s all about the drape. I hate bulky scarves and I won’t say I’m sorry about that. They stick out in weird places and add extra weight.... who wants that??  So stay away from those bulky beasts. Scarves (big OR small) should be like wearing a waterfall that molds to your body and flatters your beautiful figure, no matter what your size is.  The simplest way to see if your scarf drapes well is to just put it on without tying it and look in the mirror.  Does it kinda flow down nicely 


    2.  There are some ties that are granny looking. 

Granny Chic is cool for a fashion moment but not really in real life. So I’m gonna spare you the fancy schmancy ties cause they are just showing off their cool tricks. I’m in favor of scarves that look good on. So here’s the best of the best ways to wear. 


12 Ways to Wear a Scarf 

The Basics (Part 1)

The Hollywood, Modern Loop, Turtleneck, Bunny Ear, The Infinity, Shawl

Plus THE KEY to making any scarf tie look good on you.



The Advanced Scarf Ties (Part 2 )

Hidden knot, Mira, The Braid, Shell Roll, The Celebrity



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  • Holly: April 16, 2019
    Thank you Paula for posting, great ideas. As always you look fabulous!
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