5 Things You Need in Your Wardrobe Right Now! (And where to get them)

Paula Thiel

Posted on February 13 2019

5 Things You Need in Your Wardrobe Right Now! (And where to get them)



First of all,  if you want an even more detailed list of what you  need in  your closet now, go here.  Otherwise, read on, lovely lady!


Jeans that make you feel amazing. 

Having the right pair of jeans will literally change your life.  If you don’t know what that feels like, then you need to go jean shopping right now!  Try on pairs that are mid to high rise without holes and go for classic washes. You really can’t go wrong with great fitting dark blue jeans.  There are two cuts that serve everyday looks perfectly. They are skinny jeans or boot cuts.  Oh and one more thing….. if the jeans are over $150-200 you are probably over-spending.  On the other hand, although you can sometimes strike gold, most jeans that are less than $50-70, you are probably not getting the best value for your money.  Bonus: NYDJ is an awesome, well priced brand. Also shop at smaller boutique type places where you can get real help such as Evereve or Red Brick Boutique in the Summer of course!

Leather jacket (or 2!)  

This is THE chic lady’s must have. One Pinterest outfit search will show you at least a million ways to wear it. Get a black moto jacket and consider a tan one as well.  It will slim you out, make your legs look longer plus transform all of your inexpensive t-shirts to designer look alike.  Plus the leather jacket lends itself to every single style. Casual chic, boho, grunge, athleisure.... you name it! You cannot go wrong. Blank NYC is great and really any well rated piece on Nordstrom’s that is under $300. 

Designer purse

Don’t break the bank or go into debt over this. Save your money. Do your research. Cause if you play your cards right, and figure in cost per wear..... you could actually spend less money on handbags over time.  Go for the classic designs they have been cutting for years like the Louis Vuitton Neverful bags or the Chanel Classic Flap Bag.  DO not buy a designer bag on a whim or without doing your research.  There are tons videos on YouTube from women who have gone before you and bought the right (and wrong) designer handbags.  Learn from them. Also fashionphile.com and rebag.com are great sites for buying second hand designer purses. 

A great swim suit.

This is more of a time investment than a money investment because you can certainly find great swim suits for under $150. But don’t bother shopping at juniors stores for this.  Sometimes Target will hit a home run in this area and then again sometimes not.  My favorite site for somewhat foolproof swim shopping is everythingbutwater.com  Also victoriassecret.com can be great if you narrow the results down to ONLY cuts you will look good in.  If the bottoms are giving you four butt cheeks then it’s not for you ;)


The Perfect Dress

It doesn’t have to be black! But it does need to be your color and your cut. I said it before and I’m saying it again..... buy the classic. Tempting as the trends may be.... don’t do it.  You want a dress that you could potentially wear for 5-10 years. That’s right..... YEARS!!!  Features to look for

1. A cut that shows off the smallest part of your waist.  

2. Material that won’t pill, stretch or snag. 

3.  A length that you love.

5.  Show off your best parts.... collarbone and chest are often areas that women can always flaunt so make sure you can see that!


Having these 5 pieces make all the difference in your closet!





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