Best Beauty on a Budget Skin Care Routine

Paula Thiel

Posted on November 25 2019

Best Beauty on a Budget Skin Care Routine
So if you wanna be beautiful and you are on a budget, read on/watch this vid now... I actually invited our guest to talk about makeup today but she was like "NO, we have to start with skin care first because your makeup will look 100% better if your skin already looks good!"  and I said "OK, girlfriend, you got it!" 
Nicole Thiel is a lifelong friend (and also my sister in law) who loves to test beauty products.  LOVES it.  See has out researched everyone I know and if you are wanting to try out a product, she can probably tell you SHE ALREADY has!!  Ok so beauty on a budget, let's go!                                                                                         
Paula (and Nicole)                                                                                                          
PS. The links to all the AMAZING products we talk about are listed below!


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