Create Change in your life NOW.

Paula Thiel

Posted on December 13 2019

Create Change in your life NOW.


I know there is probably a bunch of stuff about your life that you are like “Yeah I gotta change that and that and also this and this.”  And it is totally overwhelming so you do NOTHING.  You end up changing nothing.  Why do that to yourself tho??  

Because I know it’s actually really important to you to know your potential!  You don’t want to settle, even though you keep doing it because it’s what you know.  It’s not actually easier than changing though.  

What if instead you Pick ONE thing to focus on??  Cause then EVERYTHING else will change.  I guarantee it.  If you stop trying to change everything all at once and just pick one small thing, you will change for real.  Like in 365 days saying to yourself “who even am I?”  In a good way though, lol.  



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