How to Clean Out Your Closet in 3 Simple Steps

Paula Thiel

Posted on January 10 2019

How to Clean Out Your Closet…. 

The absolutely essential totally necessary closet cleanse that will make your life easier and cut your get ready time in half (at least!!)  


What you’ll need……

  • a friend   
  • a couple hours  
  • a tote for store aways and a box for donations
  • a garbage bag…. (you can’t keep that nasty tank top that’s pilly and just gross lookin that you wear to bed sometimes)


First off……. 

Organize your closet by type of garment.  (ie jackets, t-shirt and tanks, jeans, fancy dresses, casual dresses, etc.)  Here’s a downloadable list to help ya. As you do this, you are gonna find pieces you forgot about.  (YAY!)   You’ll also notice some things that are worn out which brings  me to step 2.



Get rid of it!!!!  Here’s where you laugh cause you have a nasty embarrassing pair of sweats from 2005 that just need to go.  Also those jeans that are stretched out or that white tank that’s just not white.  Throw that stuff in a garbage bag, and write down what you want to replace and then move on! 



Get rid of more stuff…… here’s the pieces that are in good shape but you just  aren’t wearing.  This stuff isn’t as obvious than the previous group of get rid of it stuff.  

So here are the Dos and Don’ts:


Ask yourself these questions 

1.  Is it too small or too big?  2.  Is it out of style?


Ask yourself….. Do I like it?  Why not?  Because this will change from day to day and a lot of the time…. when you ask that question you need to be prepared to go through a longer process of defining your style.  Which you can do (go here to get my free class on that.)  But in favor of saving time today, we are trying to be focused so you only need to spend a couple hours rather than your whole day on this purge. 


Ok…. so that’s seriously it.  Don’t make it harder than it has to be!

Now that you’ve gotten rid of everything that’s nasty and that you are just over…. go get this free class to really define your current style and what works for your body type, your closet and your life. 

Blessings to you, beautiful lady!



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