How to dress like you have your life together

Paula Thiel

Posted on April 06 2018

How to dress like you have your life together

You know those video memes where a kid is getting chased by like a hundred baby ducks and it’s says “me vs my responsibilities”.  It’s funny cause it’s relatable.  You want to be polished, put together, everything in order, but really no one’s life is completely put together.  But it seems like it is cause of how they look 


You can dress like you have it all together too and the truth is, no one will be the wiser.  But that’s not even the good part.  This is the good part…….. If you dress nicely and take care of your appearance, this will translate into and affect other parts of your life in a very positive way, helping you get it actually together and not just look like you do.  


And that is one of the biggest reasons I do what I do, because I have a crystal clear understanding of the correlation between looking good and feeling good.  They walk together hand in hand.  You can’t separate out the body from the person if you get what I’m saying.  All these thoughts on how appearances don’t matter are just so uninformed.  It’s like saying that your health or how you feel doesn’t matter.  It’s just not true.  


That being said….. I want to encourage you.  Your desire to look put together is not only valid, but it is achievable.  Here’s how it’s done:


I know a lot of videos just sort of give you random tips but this is truly the step by step process to looking put together every day before you leave the house.  


1.   Do your makeup + hair! 

       We are just gonna get this out of the way.  You can’t look very put together if ya don’t do your hair and makeup.  You don’t have to look like a doll, but you do need some makeup and some hair care if you are going for the put together and polished look. You get to decide how much, though. 

2.   Collect camis + jackets.

If you have a good collection of well fitting camis and tees, graphic tees, lace tanks, striped shirts, print shirts, etc. that lay nicely under jackets, girl you are 80% complete in your fashion goals.  Jackets are next.  You don’t need as many of these, maybe 6-8 for a lot of outfit options.  The cami or tee with a jacket, jewelry or scarf and then nice fitting jeans or pants is the Pinterest board uniform for put together people.

By arranging these in sections throughout your closet, you simply grab your base layer, grab the jacket you wanna wear that day and BAM!  You have outfits for days and days that you can just grab and go, saving you tons of time in the mornings.  

3.  Tuck it in!

If your shirt is just a bit long or you want to look polished, tuck part of it (not all) the way in.  Not in the middle of your body, though, off to the side.  This is gonna make your legs look WAY longer and it even works for people who are “bigger in the middle”  It’s a stylist trick that you cannot go wrong with.  

4.  Practice your outfits, or plan better.

You can either practice your outfits after you go shopping or else you can purposely learn and only buy what looks good on and what you will actually wear.  This way, when it comes time to choose your outfit, you already know that you look good in Top A and Top A will also work nicely underneath any of your jackets, cardigans or a kimonos.  I stopped buying clothes I can’t layer a long time ago cause I value versatility.  

5.  Study style or hire a stylist. 

Studying classic style really helps and is quite frankly an essential practice for the stylish woman.  So often, people invest into trends and then stay there for way too long and pretty soon, they are extremely out and don't know it.  Trend shopping is so fun!  But 80% of your wardrobe should be classics that you can wear every year no matter what’s in or out. So understand what a classic wardrobe looks like (the camis + jacket model I referenced earlier is a great example of classic wardrobe pieces) before you move into trends.  

Then look through this year’s Outfit Pins.  Follow a style blogger you trust so you don’t start to drift.  Watch the new arrivals of stores you know are always on point. These are all good ways to stay on trend once you have your classic wardrobe pieces.  But remember, most of your wardrobe needs to be classic pieces, I cannot stress this enough.    

Lastly….. If you:

  1. Find yourself buying variations of the same things again and again 
  2. Just feel like you don’t look good in anything
  3. Don’t like the clothes you have

Then it might be time to consider hiring a personal stylist.  It is always amazing to me how one hour with a styling client changes her perspective.  Imagine having the confidence and knowledge you need to know you look good everyday.  A lot of times, after looking at your wardrobe, I can easily see what needs to be added as well as removed in order to revive your entire closet.  It is truly amazing and pretty much magical.  


Alright, now you know how to go and influence the world around you in style!





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