Insecurity and it's strange ability to interfere with our futures

Paula Thiel

Posted on September 14 2018

Insecurity and it's strange ability to interfere with our futures

Insecurity is our worst enemy. And it seems to always be cloaked underneath other motives. Yet when exposed so obvious. Let’s be honest with ourselves about where our hearts are leaning because insecurity damages more than our relationships. It has this strange ability to interfere with and severely limit our goals. 


This revelation has just recently come to me and I want to talk about it because it’s such a common downfall. 


Insecurity keeps you from saying what you think. It can stop you from doing what you really love. And worst of all, it keeps you from seeing others for the true treasure that they are. 


I’m frustrated by how many times I’ve given insecurity a win and just kept to myself. And I’ve always wondered, should we all decide to ignore that voice of comparison, how different would the world look? 


I love competition (which is different from comparison) and being confronted by something or someone who is truly better than me. Because it gives me cause to fight to become like this ideal without tearing down the person in which that ideal is personified. 


But that’s only one of our two responses we usually have. The negative responsive is to fight to tear the ideal down so you or I no longer feel confronted by our own lesser selves. 


But if you do choose to tear the ideal down rather than rising up to become it, you’ve now lost your goal and your way. And you’ve harmed another human. No thanks, there’s a better way. 


My best, boldest moments, the things I have done that I most proud of have come when I chose to ignore fear and enlist that part of myself that’s willing to be laid bare. 


And what a risk it is to not know how others will react and just move forward anyway. 


You can’t allow insecurity to linger. Don’t listen to her voice. Because if you do, what will happen is…… you will not be able to see right away that the effects will be staggering. 


But the beautiful thing about life is that at any moment you can resist what you don’t want. You can resist acting on insecurity.  And you can choose, no matter what, to change. 


I believe that choice is to walk in freedom from insecurity. True freedom, not faked, although I must say that changing our behavior does affect the heart. The heart change does not need to come first. Cause every movement that we make is our choice, within our power. Every single choice you have is yours. Don’t ever forget that. 


And I say this because some would argue that they can’t change who they are.  Oh, but yes, you can.  And the minute I realized I had this power, the blessings began to pour out and could not be stopped.  


God bless you on your journey.

Love always,



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