Is my son gonna eat his broccoli even when I’m not looking??!

Paula Thiel

Posted on May 13 2019

Is my son gonna eat his broccoli even when I’m not looking??!

Is my son gonna eat his broccoli even when I’m not looking??!


Nothing has made me want to change more than motherhood.  It has tested me in terrible and awesome ways.  It has brought all of my weaknesses out to be examined with a magnifying glass. At least that’s what it feels like!  And to be fair to myself.... it has also shown my strength like nothing else ever has.


My son (like myself) has such a hard time admitting he’s wrong.... and yesterday he had a huge breakthrough as I took an hour out of my day to help him process something he’d done. He had all kinds of excuses and people to blame for what he did. He just did not want to see that he was the one to blame for his own behavior.


But finally..... through tears and gritted teeth, he was able to say “I was wrong.”  I was so proud of him because he forced himself to do something he absolutely did not want to do. So I hugged him and kissed him and told him he’s awesome!!! And then we moved on.  But after this mom moment.... it got me thinking about some things.....   


  • I thought about everything I had said to coach him through that and I was like “Paula.... you need to take your own advice.”  And I walked away examining my own heart and realized I’m learning the same things my 9 year old is! It’s exhausting!!!


  • I don’t get or want to hold my kids to a higher standard than I hold myself. I want us all to be able to never stop becoming better people!  But walking this out in daily life can be a challenge. And don’t worry, if you ever forget that you need to get better at controlling yourself.... your kids will be quick to remind you.


  • Our kids reflect what we do.... not what we tell them to do. If that’s not motivation enough to change consistently for the better..... then I don’t know what to say!


Motherhood is a trial by fire in every way. Yeah there’s the awesome parts.... too!  But it actually is awesome that as we teach our kids to be better.... our patience becomes more pronounced.  Our humility gets to grow.


And as we urge them to eat their vegetables.... we realize we better be eating ours too.  Cause as my son is eating his broccoli.... is looking across the table to see if I’m eating mine.


Don’t worry, I’m eating my broccoli!!!

Even when I don’t feel like it.







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