Looking Good Everyday is simple if you know where to start......

Paula Thiel

Posted on July 10 2018

Looking Good Everyday is simple if you know where to start......

You want to be stylish but not at the cost of other things that are also important to you.  I get it, cause we can all agree that the world of style seems impossible to keep up with. But guess what??  It’s not impossible… it’s actually really simple and sustainable if you know where to start.

Cause when you are first chiseling out what style even means to you, there are only a couple of things that really really matter.  I want to let you know what those things are.

But before we do that…. We gotta get one thing straight.  Style is not equal to fashion. Those two things are like night and day in their differences.  Fashion is an art form and it’s an industry. The industry is always presenting you with new trends and then constantly urging you to keep up and buy!  And I think that’s where we feel overwhelmed and unable to sort it all out. But style is what you choose to wear and how you carry yourself. Think of the most stylish woman you know.  It’s not just what she wears that impresses you. It’s how she acts, what she believes about herself, how she treats others.

Today, we are talking about style and how clothing serves our style.  So put all of the noise aside and the thoughts that the fashion industry is throwing at you and listen up!!  

First, you need to adopt the thought and dare I say revelation that style needs to serve you.  You do not serve it. It should never be a burden. It should bring a blessing to you and those around you. If it’s a burden to you, take a look real quick at the reason why.  Are you chasing something unachievable? Are you asking too much of yourself? Are you following trends instead of finding out what you like? Are you using fashion to fill a void on the inside?

I know these are touchy areas…. but girl, freedom is worth the price you have to pay to get free from yourself. So get comfortable in case I decide to make you uncomfortable again. (Love ya!)

Next, I am going to point out something extremely practical.  You need to build a classic wardrobe. Don’t argue with me that your style isn’t classic or that you don’t want to be basic… I already know that. Oh, you think that checklists are boring and useless??  OK fine, that’s fine, but let me put it to you this way. It’s like this….. You learn the ABCs so that you can spell and read very difficult words. And without that skill, you can’t do hardly ANYTHING in life.  In the same way, getting basic pieces gives you what you need to achieve ANY style you decide to pursue now or later. You can build this classic wardrobe off of ANY borrowed list from any stylist who knows even the very first thing about style.  But if you want my checklist and a little bonus video on how to use the thing, then clickity click and I’ll send it to you right away so you can get started.

Peace and Love to you.  I wanna go with you on your journey to becoming stylish.  So visit me often for tips, tricks and thoughts on style in the real world.  



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