Revelation and transformation are coming to you this year!

Paula Thiel

Posted on January 03 2020

Revelation and transformation are coming to you this year!


Revelation and transformation are coming to you this year.  I feel God all over this and I wanna speak to the potential that you have to change.  Change only happens in a couple ways and where I feel the heat right now is that God wants to partner with us.  Yeah he can supernaturally change situations but this year I feel him saying “what are you going to do?”  


Deuteronomy 28:12 says, "The Lord shall open to you His good treasury, the heavens to give the rain of your land in it’s season and to bless all the work of your hands. And you shall lend to many nations but you shall not borrow." 


Go read the rest of Deuteronomy 28 all about how blessing comes to our lives.  Especially if you feel like you aren’t experiencing blessing the way you should be.  


This scripture implies a lot cause….. If God opens the heavens and pours out rain on your land but you didn’t plant anything for him to water then this year, plant some things so when rain comes, girl you are ready for those crops to grow.  That’s how this works.  


Truly, transformation only happens in three ways.  I am going to try to think of more than three ways but right now I can only think of three ways.  And only one do you have any control over.  But luckily, as we just learned, you are not alone and you aren’t in charge of the rain.  You are in charge of planting the seed.  God’s in charge of the rain and he’s on your side.  


Transformation happens in one of these three ways:

Other people change around you and it shifts your world.  

You change yourself.  

God changes you.  


I personally am not willing to wait for other people to change.  I am in charge of me and I am willing to do whatever it takes to change my life.  And if you aren’t careful, I am gonna influence you and you are gonna want to change too.  That’s the whole thing about transformation……  


it is literally impossible to not bring someone else with you into that transformation.  


Like if you are sitting here wishing someone in your life would change, my advice to you is this:  

Either walk away from the relationship or else you can change.  There aren’t really any other options, right?  Don’t be distracted by someone else’s shortcomings when you could have spent that time working on making yourself a better friend or wife or business owner or minister or mom or whatever.  Life is too short to just wish for change.  Carve out your life how you want it to look and don’t apologize for it.  Also you have my permission to get new friends if you aren’t wanting to be like any of the people you currently hang out with.  You’re welcome.  


Let’s look back at Deuteronomy 28:12 again….. God says he will bless all the work of YOUR hands.


I’m not going to pretend to understand all the things about God but one thing I can tell you is that I do understand this:  He moves however He wants to but He loves people and created us for relationship.  With Him and with each other.  Which is another thing I’m feeling for 2020.  There is another level of transparency on social media that is going to be demanded and I am fully here for that.  In fact I’m excited for it!!!  I want to talk about things that matter.  And I’m still ironing out what exactly that means, but I want to be real and genuine and bring my best to these relationships.  Not my worst!!  Duh, that’s why I personally am demanding that I change for the better so that I like my life more and then in turn, I can bring you a better version of me!  See how this works??!!  


I believe you are going to change this year.  You are not alone and God is willing and ready to pour out unbelievable blessing, but he is asking you “what work of YOUR hand do you want ME to bless?”



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