Style advice that most people just ignore and why you need it RIGHT NOW!

Paula Thiel

Posted on July 29 2019

Style advice that most people just ignore and why you need it RIGHT NOW!

 Style advice that most people just ignore and why you need it RIGHT NOW!

The 7 best style tips that most people just ignore.


1  a good attitude. 

Something you need to understand about style is that you must be willing to change.  You can wear whatever you want.  You can style your hair however you feel like it.  You can do your makeup the same as you’ve always done it.  And I won’t correct you.  But if you truly want to look your very best, you need to be willing to look at what you are doing and trust that your stylist has your best interests at heart.  Style is a dance between looking your proverbial best and doing whatever your want.  You need to decide what you’d like to do. 


But also know…. I can’t help people who won’t let me. If you are going to say something bad about yourself every time you put on an outfit then I just absolutely can’t help you.  I have a special place in my heart for women who need encouragement.  I throw around encouragement like confetti because people need that no matter what.  But negative self talk in not allowed in my dressing rooms.  The end.  


2 the right bra. 

It will solve 50% of your problems immediately. Yes, you may have a harder time finding a great bra. But…. I’ll tell you exactly where to go and what to do to solve all of your bra problems.  It is probably not that super famous chain.  You know the one that has all the models that we all would love to look like!  


3 great jeans that YOU love

The very first thing that needs to happen is finding the right pair of jeans that are comfy,  fit you perfectly, are flattering and don’t cost a fortune.  “Impossible!”  you say?  Wrong.  You’d be shocked when you look in the right places.  Don’t shop for jeans alone.  Go somewhere that has excellent service.  I like The Buckle for this.  You might like Nordstroms.  You might like American Eagle.  But I am just going to say this one more time.  Don’t shop for jeans alone.  The sales staff is there to help you, so let them.  


4 jewelry 

Trends are important, classic pieces are even more important but what you like and look good in is most important. Figure out if silver or gold looks better on you then go towards that colored metal. Get different lengths, colors and styles to build up your options.  Then you will have an arsenal to choose from for endless outfit options.  Wouldn’t that be great?


5 shoes

Have fun with this! Choose mostly pairs that are neutral and the best quality you can afford. But then throw in a wild pair here and there. Bright pink, leopard print or floral pattern are instant classics but still carry the personality you want to express! 


6 hair style

You need a new haircut.  I respectfully must point out that you can’t neglect this part of your life if you want to look your best. This is, weirdly, a big area of insecurity for a lot of ladies. They don’t allow their haircuts/color to be called into question. I do not even bring it up with my clients unless they ask me flat out.  One more thing on this subject.  I lovingly must tell you that you are probably not the best judge of your own hairstyle. It’s best to find someone else who is all of the following:  A. Kind B. Honest C.  Better at style than you. Then ask that someone: “is my haircut/ hair color and hair style the best it can be?”  If they seem hesitant to tell you, then you suck at taking constructive criticism and you also need to change that too. Whew!  That was a lot for me to share that. But so many ladies I see want to look good but they all but ignore this area entirely. Don’t do that. 


7 makeup 101 

You can be as conservative or as bold as you’d like with this.  You don’t need to be an expert or even know very many techniques. But you do need to wear a little bit if you want to truly look your best.  I realize there are a lot of philosophies on this but I’m not going for a crowd pleaser on this.  I’m looking to share my philosophy on what I think is best to do.  This is from years and years of styling all types of women.  So I am going to say boldly:  I do not believe that there is a way to fully complete your look without wearing makeup.  There I said it.  



I love helping women look their best.  

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