The Litmus Test

Paula Thiel

Posted on April 09 2018

The Litmus Test

These are the words that have been used to describe me and I rejoice in all of them.  Even the rude garbage that hurts because it’s the litmus test as to whether or not I’m making a difference in the world.  

In my immaturity, I used to think I needed to change based on what was said about me.  Which will always be partially true because if everyone that I trust and love thinks I’m _______ (fill in the blank with whatever negative thing one could be) then I would truly need to listen and change.  But those aren’t the voices I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the opinions that hold no true weight but are loud and demand our attention.  


One of my biggest struggles in my life has been worrying about what others think.  But always the stronger voice has been that steady, still small one inside.  It keep pushing me forward and pointing me toward True North.  Its the one voice that has never faded out.  It bids me to hold tightly onto my many values.  One of those values is dressing well and the importance of revealing inner beauty through outward appearance.  I believe that taking control of our looks can actually change our hearts.  


We all want to live intentionally, honestly, beautifully and most importantly we want to treat others well.  But in order to do this, you have to know your own heart and what it is that you want.  Sometimes that’s not gonna line up with what others want for us.  


I understand why “superficial” may seem a fitting word to describe someone who loves fashion but it’s just a lie.  Because fashion is not about impressing others or comparison with others.  It’s about self respect.  And it’s about freedom, beauty, influence, truth and caring about others.  This is the thought process I go through to dismantle lies so that they have no power to discourage me from putting my best foot forward.  


What are lies that have been spoken about you?  Have you believed them and allowed them to stop you from being your best? 


You have to know that when others start to say things that are rude, you should rejoice.  Because it means that you are shaking things up enough that others are noticing and getting a little scared.  Good for you, you must be on the right track!  




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