You wanna be an entrepreneur? Read this first.

Paula Thiel

Posted on December 20 2019

You wanna be an entrepreneur?  Read this first.

YOU personally CAN be successful and that’s that. 

Dear anyone who has or wants an amazing business and life, 

I care about you and the quality of your life. 

And I want you to be successful.  In fact, I wanna tell you that you CAN be successful.  There is so much negativity going around right now and I want to speak to your potential, even if you can’t see it.  You CAN be successful and that’s that.  


It’s so important that you know that.  Not only because I care about YOU but also….. every person who is successful is going to inevitably pull someone else into success with them. And more often than not, you are going to pull multiple people into success with you.  Right now, my definition of success is working 20 hours a week and making enough money to have it be worth the sacrifice. And I want to do this visibly because if people see me succeed they will have the courage to pursue their own dreams and pursue their own definition of success. My definition of success has not always been to make a lot of money but right now  I want every minute that I spend working paying me more than I have ever made.  That’s where I am at, but where are you?


If you are wanting to start a business or are at the beginning of any business, you need to know something.  I’ve been there, done that for 10 years and I have very recently committed my life to cutting my hours and making more money in less time.  And I am also committed to sharing anything I learn because I have seen too many dreams die to not tell you the truth about who you are and what you can do.  


But some of what is being shared right now in the whole life coaching/business mentors is not my experience or reality AT ALL.  So here’s the truth from someone who’s been there in real life, not just in theory.  


Truth 1. You don’t need to hustle.

No actually you don’t. I understand why this is being spread because a lot of people are acting entitled and lazy.  But more often than not business owners are actually willing to sacrifice every hour of the day because the desire to work and succeed is that strong.  I used to do that.  You know what it got me?  Sick.  I messed up my thyroid, my fertility and my hip.  And it took me years of undoing bad work habits to fix that stuff.  I have heard business trainers and life coaches say that if you want to have a successful business you need to be willing to work 50 to 60 even 70+ hours a week.  I’ve done that crap and it’s not pretty, it’s not sustainable and I think that it leads to distraction and wastefulness and obsession. Here’s the other thing, it’s not even necessary to work that many hours. If you have a business that demands that much of your time, maybe it’s time for a different business. You gotta ask yourself…. Is your life really worth giving to this job?


Truth 2.   People who look successful might not be successful.  

A lot of people want to look fancy.  Meaning lots of travel pics, nice cars, great outfits, big diamonds, manicures, designer purses, big houses.  But if you make a lot of money and spend it all, do you really have more freedom than someone who makes less than you, has no debt and saves some for the future?  Which of these two people has more freedom? It is really tempting in our current culture to put on a show in pictures, feeling like you have to “keep up” always wanting more.  And oh yeah, followers do not equal dollars.   Don’t fall for that and ask yourself what you value.  Stuff?  or freedom?  Or maybe a little of both.  


Truth 3.   Just cause you sell more, doesn’t mean you get to keep more.  

High sales is not equal to high profits. So many people think that “if I just sell more then I will make more.”  But the reality is… The only thing that matters is your bottom line. What does it cost you to sell your product/service?  I always thought that if i could just sell more that my revenue would go up. But weirdly, especially in a brick and mortar, your costs go up wildly as you sell more product.  There are more employees to pay, more ad fees, more rent due, supply and shipping costs, etc.  Here’s an example… someone who sells lipstick out of their home that isn’t selling a lot of lipstick could actually be bringing more money home than someone who has a gift shop selling hundreds of thousands of dollars every year but doesn’t get to keep that much.  Just because the business is bigger, it doesn’t mean that the owner is richer.  


Truth 4.   If you just keep moving forward in your business, eventually it will take off.

Just kidding, this is actually a lie.  I’m presenting this as a lie because this was a really hard one for me to face.  The market doesn’t care how much time you have put in.  They only care if you have what they want.  The age of your business doesn’t give you seniority or privilege, in fact it can be a great disadvantage to you if you don’t understand that you need to make some things happen within the first couple years or else re-examine what you’ve got going on.  The biggest revelation for me concerning this lie is this:  It’s not how much I do, it’s WHAT I do.  Putting my time into money making activities rather than just business building activities.  HUGE difference.  


Truth 5.  Fancier/high profile/glamorous jobs aren’t worth more money.  

This truth came from Casady Thiel.  My husband, Casady installs tile and stone.  He’s completely amazing at it.  You don’t want anyone else on your project but Casady because the construction world is sketchy and a lot of contractors just don’t have the standards he does.  Have you ever experienced this?  Anyways,  he used to want to install in these million dollar homes.  Cause they seemed like better jobs because the people who were in those homes were wealthier.  But the truth is, you get the same money to work for the wealthy or the middle class.  It was the same thing for me in my store.  People would be like “Oh she’s wealthy, she will buy a lot of clothes.”  Literally never true.  My best customers were teachers, hairdressers, nurses, office ladies, the middle class.  Serve YOUR customer.  It’s just your ego that wants to serve “rich people”.  

Truth 6.  Serve your customer, show up where they are and watch your life become what you’ve wanted it to be. 

There is nothing more important than keeping your customer at the center of what you do.  You have to truly care about them and serve their needs.  Building this relationship is the most important thing you will do in your business.  Get to know them and let them get to know you.  What are your common interests?  How can you help them improve their loves?  If you understand this and do it well, the money will follow.  


Yeah, there’s a lot more Truths we could touch, but not today.  

One last thing…….  

Build something beautiful, but don’t do it alone.  Find a mentor who is a lot further along than you.  You can join my program that starts in January or you can choose a different mentor.  Either way, girl chase your dream.  







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