Day 15
FAQs. What do you get asked CONSTANTLY?  When you are showing your product to someone, what do they ask?  This can also be something people send to you through direct message or something they comment all the time… just DON’T say “something I get asked constantly” lol.  Start off the text with the question or the answer to the question, and then go into more detail about it.  This is considered one of your two product posts for this week, so be sure to show you using your product or a picture of someone else using your product, or of you holding it, whatever you want.  If you do a video of this, make sure it’s under 59 seconds so it can be watched fully without having to click to IGTV.  

Day 16
Your Industry
What is going on in your industry right now?  Something good? Something bad?  What’s something you wish people knew about your industry? Talk about this. Don’t bash if you go with the bad thing. You catch more bears with honey.  Stay on the positive side, but tell the truth. Nothing controversial, but something that might set off a spark of conversation.  This could be a long paragraph with a photo, quote graphic or you could do a IGTV on this and then just upload the video directly to FB.  

Day 17
What Your Audience Wants
There is no secret to social media success. It is consistently posting content that people want and being yourself. Both things… not one or the other.  One way you can look into what your audience wants is…. You simply watch the posts that people commented on the most, that they hearted the most, etc.  Then you give them more of that same content, but always you still throw in the random wild cards so you can keep moving forward while being yourself and at the same time, you are testing new content.  

But today, I want you to go back awhile in your profile and pay attention to which posts received the most amount of hearts over time.  What do those posts all have in common? For me the posts that are most engaged with are my style videos where I show people how to wear XYZ items and my smiling pics with long texts about something that is on my heart or almost like a shorter blog post.  People want to know who I am, not just what I sell.  I have seen this trend in almost every single industry.  You decide what your common thread is in your most popular posts and then give a similar thing to your audience today.  They always tell you what they want more of, you just have to know how to listen.  This lesson will change the years to come for you, not just today’s post.  

Day 18
Your Journey
What is happening?  What is going on in your life?  You can share your passion and your struggles, your dream for you company, your problems during the journey.  Those are sort of the “big things”.  But even the little thoughts throughout the day that are small and maybe sort of insignificant to you might mean EVERYTHING to someone.  What part of your journey (however big or small) could you share with people today?


Day 19
Blend In
Don’t start from scratch.  One reason why people struggle to keep up with content on their page is because they try to either make it so perfect or so different from everyone else’s.  But the world’s top top companies research other companies and mimic them so they blend in and don’t have to work so darn hard at developing a culture.  I know you don’t necessarily want to BLEND in, but the point is, if you are like “I don’t know what to post!”  This is what you do on those days and today:
Go to one of your favorite pages that is not in your industry.  What are they talking about that people just like you are engaging with?  Can you talk about that today?  How are they delivering their content?  Can you deliver your content like that today?  What is their highest engaging post?  Could you do something similar today?  What are you noticing about them that you could learn from and apply to your page?  What are you drawn to that you’d like to try on your page?   Pick one of these concepts and use it to create a post today.  Whichever one you want.  Side note:  It’s really good to be in touch with what other industries are doing because all of your customers are interacting with a lot more than just your products.  

Day 20
Do You Ever?
Do you ever?  Asking the question do you ever…. Ask your audience if they ever do whatever thing you do.  This is such a fun way to engage with people ‘cause it’s usually something really funny or unique and encourages conversations.  

For example:  I will be sitting there at my desk, writing my to do list and I’ll just write myself a small piece of encouragement on my to do list like “Paula, your day is full today, but you got this!”  IDK if anyone else does that but maybe I should share that and ask ppl if they do that ever?  Or how about this…. I have no freaking clue what to get for Cas for Christmas… I think I’ll ask my audience if they know what they are getting their husbands so I can get an idea.  Maybe you make something really non traditional for breakfast or write yourself notes on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker, or maybe you drink juice straight out of the carton…. Idk but have fun with this!!

Day 21
Product Post
Dear _________, 
Using this line and filling in the blank with who your product is for.  This is easy to do and it gets you thinking about what your customer really wants from you.  Who is my face cream for?  Why do people use your product?  What do they want to get from it?  

Example:  Dear anyone who wants to have glowing skin with or without makeup, I get you!  And I’m right there with you working on getting the glow every day!  I have never used a better cream for this!  It gets me so glowy and dewy and just look……  
Then you have a pic of yourself with to without makeup looking all beautiful, proving your point.      This is considered your second product post for this week.  

Ok!  Be sure to ask any questions you might have.  By now you should be seeing incredible results!