Day 29
Share Your Heart
Because sales are so crucial to the success of a company, the drive to sell can take over sometimes. I think having run a brick and mortar store for 9 years, I understand better now than ever that if a relationship is built, if my customers feel cared for, sales will naturally just happen.  So today, let’s just have fun.  People love you for you!  They don’t want the very professional version of you, they just want you.  I’m not saying to put it all out there for everyone to see, but to come from a place of, I’m just having fun here, sharing my life, making friends, and being my best self… I think that perspective is much easier to continue posting consistently rather than letting the pressure of “I have to sell this product” take the joy out of building the company and the relationships.  Seeing social media from this perspective is very freeing and helps you to get your head in the right place,  Your audience is worth investing your time and energy into because you are building your future with them and you need them in your life.  

So today, share something that you have not shared before.  Not your dirty laundry lol.  Not a rant.  Just your heart.  Even if you think it’s boring or insignificant, share it anyway.  So many times I have done that thinking “no one is going to care about this or respond to it!”  And it becomes my most highly engaging post of the week.  Sometimes it tanks, but that’s to be expected.  You were born to take risks though, that’s why you are in business!!  Never forget that.  

Day 30
Short Questions
Short questions.  This is a simple simple darn easy way to give people a chance to talk.  All day long they get posts shown to them but what if they were invited in a no strings attached sort of a way to talk back.  It is important how you word these questions because so often, in order to get comments well meaning people will type out this long post and then at the end throw in “what do you think?”  And it just feels like it’s reaching for comments.  But these short questions are more like things you would say in real life in line at the grocery store.  Imagine greeting a store checkout lady… what would you say to her?  Probably something like “Has it been busy today?”  Or “Do you have anything fun happening after work?”  You wouldn’t ask her what she thinks about your company.  She doesn’t have time to talk about that.  Same with someone scrolling on Instagram.  They just have a second to talk.  So you ask them things like “What did you have for dinner last night?  I’d love to get some ideas!”  Or “Any recommendations for wine that you are obsessed with?”  These types of questions are ones that people can answer quickly and would love to talk about with you.  On Facebook, you do these with text - only posts and then be sure to respond to just some but not all of the comments.  On instagram, you need to use a photo so you can do a text graphic or else something that I have noticed working well on Insta for this type of post is to ask “Do you like this or this better?”  More like multiple choice format.  OK Have fun!

That’s it for your 30 Days! I’m so proud of you for committing to this and am excited to see where this is going to bring you in the future!! Blessings and be sure to watch the “What’s Next?” Video so you can continue to build on this foundation you have built this month. Don’t lose momentum and don’t look back.
That’s my best advice I could ever ever give.