We’ve missed you…. and the warmth……and the pontoon rides at sunset!

Spring’s here and we absolutely have sprung forward!  Each year as mud is covering the entire Midwest, we launch our new new new stores.  It’s like we are re-born each year and get better every time we go through Winter.

And the best part of Spring is the reunion with you.  So since you are just as excited as we are….. we have put together a get together that is legit!  Someone, one of you awesome people, is destined to win a very good prize just for showing up!  We’ve all got a $25 gift certificate ready to give to you.  That’s $150 in gift certificates to your Shops of Ottertail.  You can spend it on whatever you want.  


April 14th, 2017

You show up in Ottertail (during business hours - some shops vary so watch those hours) at any of The Shops of Ottertail and we hand you your punch card.  Then you simply go from shop to shop, getting one punch (on the card) at each shop you visit.  Then you leave your card at the last shop you visit to be entered into the drawing for the $150 prize.  

Be sure to write your e-mail and phone number on the back of your completed punch card so we can get a hold of you.  

BONUS!!  6 winners for second prize…. $10 gift certificate to each store….. you do not have to be present to win.  

As always, we bring you the best.  We want you to have exactly what you want so we’re getting treats and drinks ready for this awesome day of shopping therapy.  

We look forward to seeing you very soon!

Until then,
Paula, Marnie, Shawna, Steve, Kris, Karla, Lisa and Lisa
The Williams Company
Red Brick Boutique
Decor Hus
Shawna Marie's
Sister's Grain Bin
The Funky Farmhouse