The COLOR Show Contestant Rules

You are awesome. Here are your choices.  




FEATHERS and FLUFF is a category in which you must create a garment or accessory that is either feathery, fluffy, or both. These looks can be achieved using any type of material. In other words, you do not have to use actual feathers. Fluffy is defined by being light and soft or airy: puffed up or covered with soft material. Your prize is a $50 gift certificate to Sorella’s Salon and Spa in Perham, MN.  Sorella’s is also styling hair for The COLOR Show.


In the UGLY SWEATER category, you may do anything that you can think of to make an existing sweater horrifically ugly. This category is encouraged to be taken on by teams or groups. You are encouraged to find your own model for this category. If you are unable to find your own model, a model will be provided. We have noticed a trend that the winner of the Ugly Sweater category are those worn by men. Think outside the box but be TASTEFUL!!! Garments must be turned into Red Brick Boutique no later than December 3, with submission commitments needed by November 15. If you win the UGLY SWEATER category, your prize is a $50 gift certificate to Willy T’s, $25 gift certificate to Zorbaz on Ottertail Lake, Terroir Handmade Chocolate gift box, plus more prizes TBA.  

TOOTSIE WOOTSIE is our children’s category. You must submit an accessory or garment that can be worn by a child. Prize is a $50 gift certificate to The Williams Company Store in Ottertail, Minnesota.

In the FREE STYLE category, there are basically NO RULES!!! The art you create must be wearable and it must be tasteful. The stakes are higher for this category. If you win the FREESTYLE category, you will receive a greater prize, which is a Thumper Pond Resort in Ottertail MN getaway.

In the RAINBOW category every color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) of the rainbow must be represented in your garment or accessory.. Variations of shade of each color is fine, also equal representation of each color is not necessary. Prize is a $50 gift certificate to Red Brick Boutique.

In the MASKS and HATS category, you must submit either a mask or a hat that can be worn hands free. You may use an existing or manufactured mask or hat as a base, but you must make creative changes to the existing piece so that it becomes an original design. The more detailed, the better. Remember, the audience is voting so being able to see the mask or hat from a distance is important. The prize for this category winner is a $25 Rust & Luster gift certificate and a $25 Shawna Marie’s gift certificate.


How Winner is determined:

  • For each category we send submitted designs out onto the runway on models.
  • Models will walk out again after each design is shown and audience members will have voting chips that they will place in cups each model will hold representing the design they are wearing.
  • Votes will be tallied and counted for each section
  • Winners will be announced after all votes are counted



  1. If you create an accessory, we will show it on the runway being worn with a simple outfit of jeans and a basic tank top. The reason for this, is that the audience is judging the piece you have created and those entries that have created an entire outfit will be shown as an entire outfit.
  2. Pieces that have been in other shows are allowed to be entered into this competition, but not the same garment as has been previously used in other color shows
  3. Garments must be tasteful
  4. Garments must be made by you or significantly altered by you
  5. Sizes expected: women's 2-8



  • If you are interested in entering a design, please email Elise at
    • Designers must email Elise ( a photo of their progress by November 28th in order to secure a space
  • Garments are to be brought to Red Brick Boutique (107 W Main St, Ottertail, MN) on or before December 3rd.
  • We will do 



Frequently Asked Questions:


Where and when is the contest held?

  • The Color Show is held at The Ottertail Creamery in Downtown Ottertail, Minnesota by Red Brick Boutique on December 10th, 2016 at 6 pm.

Who decides who win?

  • The audience votes after each section comes out on which design they like best.

How are the winners chosen?

  • The audience votes are counted up after each category. The design with the most voting chips will win the prize.   Each category winner will then compete for the grand prize.  Grand prize winner is determined by an audience vote.  Grand prize winner will receive $200 cash prize.  

When do I get my prize?

  • Prizes are handed out at the end of the event. Event is scheduled from 6 pm- 8 pm.

Is there an entry fee?

  • There is no entry fee for designs.
  • Tickets are $15 each for the main floor.
  • Designers who are submitting a design are able to watch the show from the balcony.

What if I have a question?

  • With questions, email Elise at

Why can't I submit an outfit that I did not make in order to complete the look of my accessory?  

  • The audience is judging the piece you have created and those entries that have created an entire outfit will be shown as an entire outfit.